Here we go…

This is the beginning of the future for our digital exposure to the world.  RJTalbot stands for Rob and Jennifer Talbot.

We are the parents of 6 children ages 9 to 26.  Our lives have always been about giving and supporting others both in our professions and in our family. Jennifer worked many years in the Nursing Home industry including social services, recreation and she directed an Alzheimer’s Unit before continuing her education for a masters degree in Christian Education.  She served as children’s pastor for several years before all the kids came!  Rob has two degrees in Psychology and 25 years experience in social services administration, program development, federal and local grants, national consulting and coaching for non profit administrators.

As we prepare to start the year 2015 we will utilize technology to further our lifelong efforts to make a difference in the lives of others.  Difference making is slow and happens one person at a time, but there are a lot of fun stories and lessons learned along the way!  We will do our best to share our growth and learning as we go.  We’ve had some bumps in the road to share too!

More specifically, we will share about the events and challenges of raising 6 kids (4 of whom were adopted) while leading a 165 year old Christian non profit.  We see ourselves as missionaries right here in Iowa because of the types of things Quakerdale does.  We live on the administrative campus of Quakerdale which provides opportunities for over two thousands children and families each year.   Rob is the Executive Director of Quakerdale AKA Whites Iowa Institute and Jennifer is Executive Director of the Talbot kids.  Right now the ages of the kid are 9, 11, 12, 14, 17, 26 and in 2015 we will add another to the family through marriage as our oldest just got engaged.  We will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in 2015 also!  We hope you will enjoy hearing the challenges of living from our lives.

Oh, and the name of the blog was Jennifer’s idea.  Injustamoment has to do with how we want to behave on our blog.  Jennifer knows life moves fast and if we are to help people in this world we need to keep our information brief and focused so you can do the things you do!

Thanks for joining us and please click to follow our posts.

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