Christmas Letter from the Talbots

advent candles Greetings this Christmas Season!

Our family is blessed to have a strong foundation in Christ!  We feel so blessed to be in the family of God!

It seems we are a little late for a Christmas letter and as most people know we have not done one for years.  However, with technology and the fact that we are setting out to use digital communications from here forward this seems to be timely.

The year twenty-fourteen was one for the memories.  Without belaboring the obvious our family is forever changed and has an open spot with the loss of Mom (Ardee Talbot) in June.  We are all trying our best to take care of one another.

So let’s start with the parents and work our way younger…  Rob and Jennifer are busy.   Jennifer works hard tracking and managing the activities of the family.  (This includes keeping Rob on track for home activities as much as all the others.)  She continues to learn and grow into the skills required to advocate for special needs kids.  At the same time she also assists in coaching the Academic Decathlon Club at South Hardin High School.

Rob is having a ball innovating new ministries at Quakerdale.  The goal from the his hire seven years ago has been to separate Quakerdale from dependence on State funding.  There was a new program started this year in Marshalltown, Iowa for homeless women and their children who are transitioning to independence. Another new program is called the Hope4Healing Network connecting people in need with people who have resources.  He also spent a lot of time with leaders innovation planning for the future in many parts across Quakerdale.  God is blessing and directing in great ways and sending wonderful people to join the ministry!


This year Heather decided to step out of her New York Life job in Bloomington, MN and work at a nearby vegetable CSA farm.  She ended up meeting her future husband who is the owner of the farm!  Zach Roth recently proposed and they plan to get married in the Fall 2015.  The wedding will be in the Minneapolis suburbs somewhere.  Maybe on their farm located near Afton, MN.

Daniel is a senior this year and he has been involved in Band, Choir, Swing band, Pep band, Marching band, Speech, Academic Decathlon Team and he had a large role in the school play this fall.  Daniel has been accepted into University of Northern Iowa and plans to pursue an education degree in English.  He might include a minor in Band or vocal education.  Daniel is the tallest in the family today at 6’4″ and growing.

Holly is a freshman this year and has been learning about the faster pace of High School, especially the sports.  She has participated so far in Volleyball, Basketball and will be the pitcher on the JV Softball team.  She is also in Choir, Band and Pep band.  She really enjoys sports and is leaning toward being a Physical Education teacher, but who knows!

Tommy is still a hugger, and he is now 12 and struggling some keeping up developmentally with his chronological age and with his two younger brothers.  He is having some real challenges and always needs prayers on his behalf.  He loves to read and he has a wonderful sweet tooth.  Tommy can usually be trusted for some good conversation and a generous smile.  He loves people.

Matthew is the inventor of the family.  He is always wondering how things work.  He is continually asking for broken things he could take apart to see what is inside.  Matt also struggles developmentally also, but seems to be progressing and seeing some good growth lately.  Matt loves anything his dad does and stays close to him anytime he is around.

Charlie is the artist of the family.  He loves music and is planning to start the Trumpet this next year in his sister’s footsteps.  He sang a duet in the Christmas Eve service tonight and did a great job with one of his friends named Elizabeth.  Charlie is very charming and is doing good.  He loves sports and has a great running stride, so we will see what he ends up doing.

As for family pictures, check out our blog that this is being sent from, and we are planning to do some family pictures soon.  They will get put on the blog site.

We appreciate your love and friendship and look forward to an exciting New Year.   2015 will include Heather’s wedding, Daniel’s high school graduation and Rob and Jennifer’s twenty-fifth wedding anniversary.

Please keep in touch and share your lives with us!

The Talbots nativity

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