What if it were your first day…

This week I had a discussion with my son Daniel.  He mentioned that he’d heard in New York City the police have made adjustments and virtually all categories of their arrests or fines have dropped significantly.  His impression was that the public was responding positively to this change.

In this article from the New York Post dated December 29th 2014 the writer describes a disagreement between the police, the Police Union, the commissioner and the mayor of New York City.  In New York City there were some police incidents that included deaths.  These are terrible situations and I don’t want to get into those issues.  I want to focus on the pressures of leadership.

Remember we are all leaders.  We don’t have to be a policeman or a mayor to be a leader.  We lead in our family by our actions and consistency.  We lead or influence people all around us at work and in our community.  Leadership is our actions and attitudes.

As Daniel and I discussed the situation I noticed something that often results when a tragedy occurs.  People stop thinking about the initial situation and move into emotional concerns.  Feelings like guilt, fear, paranoia and insecurity rise up and distract us.  These feelings are common to everyone.

What matters is that we notice them and determine if they are real or imagined.  Then, after becoming aware of our own emotional issues, we can exercise good judgment and continue to make good decisions.

My opinion is that many times too much time is spent on fear of what might happen when we make decisions.  We always need to consider everything, but we must make decisions without being fearful.

We need to let go of the fear and be courageous leaders.  You can’t live wondering when something bad will happen because eighty percent of the time the what ifs don’t happen.diversity

As a family member or a community member you will have to make decisions, and sometimes there will be a positive result, and sometimes there will be a negative result.  Either way, stress can result, and then what happens?  We. stop. thinking. We immerse ourselves in the feelings that come with the stress, and then we become even more fearful of being decisive!

What we say at Quakerdale is we will just keep making good decisions no matter what is happening all around us.  Keep making good decisions.

Another way to look at this is provided by Andy Stanley.  He asked the question, “How would you act if it was your first day on the job or new to the problem?  If you didn’t have the relationships and attachments or the history?  How would you see things differently and what would you do?”

So take a fresh look and set aside your predispositions.  Make a good decision!