Were you wondering?

Hello!  Were you wondering if I was just a figment of Rob’s imagination?  I’m Jennifer, Rob’s partner in life for the last 25 years (and in this blogventure as of five minutes ago!)… but until now I have been invisible in this blog because, well, because life happens here…

I am the wife and mom in this busy household of seven, and I relish the quiet when the kids return to school- and that finally happened this week after a two week holiday break!  The celebrations are behind us and second semester is before us, and I have the time and opportunity to think uninterrupted thoughts, and to write what I hope will be meaningful paragraphs, and to begin honest  conversations with you, the readers of injustamoment…

I chose the name for our blog, I think Rob already told you that in an earlier post.  I said, “I don’t have time to read long posts, and I don’t take the time to watch videos.  I have about five minutes right now, and that is what we need to do- write things that others will find helpful when they only have five minutes to stop, and read, and think.”

It’s true.  Life happens in five minutes.  What meaningful thing can happen in your life in five minutes today?  Oh, I know…  So many moments of my day seem so less-than-important, like when I am cooking yet another dinner (btw, I hate to cook!), or starting another load of laundry, or checking another page of homework, or cleaning the bathroom (three boys, not fun) one. more. time.

But there are also those five minute moments that are full of meaning!  Braiding my daughter’s hair, and hearing her hurt, and saying, “It will be okay.”  Watching my son bundle up as he prepares to drive the truck to another town, 45 minutes away, on a day when school was cancelled because of the wind chill.  And as he walks out the door, I pray, Dear Lord, please keep him safe.  Sending a message via facebook to my oldest daughter who lives too far away, just to let her know I really am as close as a message or phone call, and calling her “sweet pea” once again…

I only have five minutes sometimes.  It’s up to me to give them meaning.  So, when I am cooking, or doing laundry, or checking homework, or (heaven forbid) cleaning that bathroom one more time, what can I do to give those moments meaning?  It’s simple really…  I just need to be aware of the people I am doing those things for, and remember the love that I hold in my heart for them.  I need to be willing to do the things that test me and try me and sometimes bore me because I am doing those things for and with my family, the ones I love.  I need to be mindful.  And aware.  And grateful.  Because somewhere, someone is wishing that they had only five more minutes to spend with the one they loved…

Enjoy the next five minutes…

Until I write again,



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