Have you stepped into a mess?

Why do only we celebrate the successes?  Why do we keep our failures a secret and pray to never make another?  Why do we choose denial instead of self awareness? Why don’t we celebrate our mistakes and talk with people about what happened so we get better faster?

Tonight I returned home from my daughter’s awards banquet for the end of the basketball season.  They had a good season.  I heard about having a winning attitude.  I heard statistics and lots of gratitude and appreciation.

As I listened to the coaches talk about the 10 years of playing the senior girls had together I started thinking.  I wondered how many missed baskets, how many double dribbles, how many turnovers happened through the years.  I wondered how many bad calls, how many scuttles for jump balls or long miles traveled home from losses had occurred.

You see, it isn’t normal in our culture to talk about failure.  We don’t focus on the failures, even though success only comes through failure.   A “winning attitude” is actually the result of indulging in failure. Success really only happens when failure is embraced and understood first.

I remember when Holly was learning to ride a bike.  It was quite a scene as she was so determined to ride that she yelled each time she failed.  She got back on the bike each time until she figured it out.  As soon as she was riding the anger on her face turned to a huge smile!   She had to fall to know what it felt like to stay up.  She refused to give up.  She wanted to learn.

So I want to encourage you… if you want to learn or get good at something… Fail!  Make some valiant efforts and make some adjustments and fail again.  Then try again and again until you learn.  Take pride in your failures because you are closer to success!

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