Change is a comin’ and by the way change is always coming!

We just took our oldest son to college yesterday!  It is a big change for our household… and Daniel! This change has been being planned for more than 18 years!

If you have worked in any given field for twenty years or lived life as an adult that long you begin to sense when a change is coming, probably because you11846690_10207503100284340_4205081855172405016_n‘ve seen them come before!  And believe me our culture and world are coming upon another change that will be comparable to the switch we made into the industrial revolution.

What are some of the signs?

  • People begin to complain that customers or others don’t understand what they really need.
  • People begin to justify their work, living style or their business modality.
  • People work hard to sell people on the value or importance of what they do or  how they believe.

Change is hard.

If you are going to be strategically ready you can’t stay in that sort of defensive denial too long.

We all do this, so don’t be rough on yourself. The key is to recognize when you are trying to deny reality and justify your old ways as early as possible. You can’t afford this behavior for very long or you will find yourself trying to catch up or completely left behind!  You must be able to recognize and admit the change coming and become open to see what needs to be done in response to the new change.  Acknowledging change is coming does not mean you know exactly what it is, but that you are willing to accept something new is coming and make reasonable adjustments.  Acknowledging change also does not mean you must sacrifice your beliefs or values to respond to the new realities.

When I was a kid every once in a while my older brother would agree to play chess with me. It isn’t surprising he did not like to play me because I was a kid eight years younger. My big brother always said the same thing to me when he would beat me at chess: “The best defense is a strong offense.” Later in life I figured out what he meant.  If all you are doing is trying to avoid losing … you will.  You need to take decisive action in order to win or find success where others will not.

Peter Daniels says you need to make sure you are the initiator of change, which is the same as developing an offensive plan instead of being on the defense.  You see to find success you must be ahead of at least 50 percent of the others.

Oh, and just because your plan places you ahead of most of the rest today is no assurance you will be ahead of anyone tomorrow. Keep alert. Watch when you or others in your business or given field begin complaining, justifying and trying to convince others that what you do or how you do it is still the only or best option.

Change requires setting aside your fears and being willing to do your best and make mistakes.  Daniel, I know you’ll do better than your dreams!