In Jerusalem…

Hello, Friends, it’s been a while.  When Rob and I decided to start this blog, we thought it would be NO PROBLEM to post something or two a week, between the two of us writing.  Guess what?  The best laid plans, as they say, often do not come to fruition, and so it has been with our blog.  Why is it, do you think, that the good that you intend to do never actually happens?

I’d like to believe that it is because something better, more important, more critical came up and the pen, or in this case the  laptop, was put aside for such a very good reason.  But honestly, it is probably more so the exhaustion of everyday life and pure laziness that is to blame.  We humans often have the best of intentions, don’t we?

I have had a verse from scripture rolling around in my head this week, and pondering has ensued.   And it seems as though I need to say it out loud- or at least in writing on the internet- so that I can hold myself accountable to its nudge.

It goes like this in the New Living Translation of the scripture: “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere- in Jerusalem, throughout Judea, in Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” (Acts 1:8)

Yep, I put it in a bold font.  It’s right there, in the middle of the verse.  In Jerusalem.  In this very place, in my hometown, in the place where I know the most people, and (gasp) they know me.  I have read this verse before, pondered it even.  I have focused on the power of the Holy Spirit, the witness bearing, the ends of the earth, but never have I focused on those two words- in Jerusalem.

Why not?  I really wish I knew.  Sometimes I think it’s because these folks, they know me so well, and they have seen my failures up close and personal- maybe even they have been the recipient of my lack of grace at times.  Why would they listen to such a hypocrite as me, I say to myself.  They won’t believe what I am saying about the grace and peace of Jesus when they don’t see it lived out in me.

And then there’s the expense.  If I share Jesus, I must share life.  I must be willing to live in relationship with these folks, because, you know, they live just down the street.  And hey, if I go on that short term mission trip to Belize and share Jesus with those folks there, well, when I come home, it’s some other Christian’s responsibility to live out the day to day Gospel with them.  I am off the hook.  I don’t need to invest any further, I don’t need to give them another thought.  I did my part, I planted the seed, now someone else needs to get to watering.

These are my thoughts today,  Just wondering- do you skip over those words too- those “in Jerusalem” words?  Why?  And what are you going to do now that it’s been drawn to your attention?

I think I have some planting and watering to do, myself…