Wondering with John Lennon and Charlie Talbot

Imagine a world with no possessions, everyone living in peace and no religion too are the words from the John Lennon song called Imagine.

Even though the song is catchy  and sometimes I find myself even singing it.  The lyrics have always bothered me and I thought it was because of the “no religion too” line..  Even that line doesn’t bother me too much today because my faith is less I-Wonderreligion and more relationship, but just now I realized my problem with the song.  Click here to read the lyrics to the song Imagine.

My problem is the type of imagination encouraged solves no problems, it helps no one to imagine a world that doesn’t exist and never will.  That’s my problem with the song and just now I figured it out!  I guess as you know me I am a practical person.  I like to imagine solutions to problems that are all around us every day.  I have enough of those to go around!

I’ve got a 10 year old son named Charlie who has a creative mind and so often he would ask things like, Dad, what if you and mom weren’t our parents or what if that truck didn’t stop at the stop sign.  After years of explaining things I didn’t really know the answers to myself I finally came up with the answer I still use, “Charlie I can’t answer what ifs.  I can barely deal with reality and even then I often don’t know the answers.”

I think John Lennon’s song Imagine and Charlie’s what if questions are a lot alike.  They can be fun to think about. I will never be a poet or philosopher, but I do love to solve problems.  Real problems that matter!  I love thinking out of the box.  I enjoy considering completely new ways to do things and how to solve problems.  I want to hear how others think and what they have done to solve problems.  Maybe I can learn from them.

I learn so much from kids… I wonder what my life would be without them…..