GIMME some good news!

I don’t watch the news on TV much anymore. I am looking for value in my news. Somethingpeace on earth christmas card I can take action on instead of feeling helpless and afraid about what the next tragedy will be.
Social media is becoming such a big part of our culture. It helps us keep in relationship with our friends and share good news. It can also impact people we don’t even know! That is what I am doing this week with Social media!
Sharing good news you can do something about!
This week I have joined a virtual golf team designed for social media! The First Annual Quakerdale Winter Classic is a fundraiser, but even more it is an awareness event. It is a great cause that makes a difference in the lives of over 3000 families right here in the USA (Iowa and beyond) every year.
quakerdale family
The name of the place is Quakerdale and you can learn more about the things they do at I want to personally invite you to join our team and learn more about it.  This is the place I work at myself everyday as the executive director.
And if you like what you see on the web site  you could always join our team as a sponsor for $10 to $25.
You can see the individual cause we are raising money for by clicking here.

We are trying to raise $9500 to replace some threadbare carpet in the first building built on our New Providence campus in 1939!  We also plan to give a small gift of thanks to each of the office professionals to decorate their office who make all the Quakerdale campuses work!


Josiah White Administration Building


This is all done with small gifts of 10 or $25 from a group of 500 people. So far we’ve raised over $1000 and we need to spread the news! You can make a donation by clicking here . You can also go to the event website to learn more at
And… consider sharing this with your friends.  Let them know there are good things going on in the middle of all the other news.