Are you thinking small?

In the last several months I’ve had something of a new look on life. It started by reading a book that illuminated something within me that was there but I couldn’t describe it.

Some of you may have heard that all my childhood I grew up with my mom asking me, “what are you going to be when you grow up.” Now some might take that question as oppressive. Some might take that as pressure to perform. I don’t exactly know how I saw it when I was young because often my answer was “I don’t know.” Starting back as early as I remember my answers changed from a fireman, to  the president, to a musician, to Mechanic, to Psychologist, to Non profit executive, Financier, to Real Estate investor and even in the last year another change to adding financial strategies to my list. For years now I’ve shared with many how I looked back on that regular question from my mom as an encouraging. It was a boundary breaking open ended feeling of opportunity and belief she placed in me just in asking the question and letting me have my answer. She believed in my potential. I needed it like every kid does! All I know is that the new language I’ve learned is that my mom saw the world much more as a world of opportunities, limitless potential, and unending acceptance. She had an abundance mindset!

Let me throw something in along here that is important also, Because I don’t want to mislead you in my example about the main topic of abundance. I’ve changed what I do many times as mentioned before. Because what I do isn’t as important as who I am. Thankfully my parents taught me to be a person of integrity and character which allows my doing to be relatively insignificant. Who I am drives me in what I do.

youll never exceed self image

So my question to you today… are you thinking small? Are you limiting you? In the last few months I’ve spent time with business owners who are stuck in small thinking and because of that they keep making the same mistakes. I have been carrying around this quote for the last few days that says, “You will never exceed your self image.” I’ve met teenagers who have limited their future because they won’t allow themselves to move beyond their present skills and abilities. I have watched families unwilling to take the steps necessary to improve their lives and so they remain stuck. These people live in the opposite of the abundant mindset. They reside in the scarcity mindset.

Scarcity is a mode of thinking that hinders growth, success and causes people to burn out and stop their own progress. People who live in scarcity often think that there is only a certain amount of luck (or money, or jobs, or life mates) to go around and when someone else finds success they used up some of the limited supply of good stuff. Scarcity feels left out in a very scary world of problems and fears. Scarcity says that I need to hold back and live in a constant state of self preservation and sometime scarcity causes us to throw caution to the wind and make dangerous decisions. Scarcity says I’ve tried that and it didn’t work.  There is a huge world of “what ifs” that scarcity worries about. Scarcity says that there is no reason to make the big effort required because things won’t change anyway. Scarcity says I am who I am and I can’t change or improve or break through to the next level. Scarcity judges others when they have some thing nice or when they are different from us. Believe it or not, scarcity says if you don’t agree with me or validate my feelings you are are my enemy. Scarcity is a scary scary place.

So another way to ask the question in the title of this blog: Are you stuck in a scarcity mindset? Good people with good plans and hearts of gold have allowed scarcity to creep into their lives and hold them back.

In the words above I’ve talked to you more about scarcity than abundance.  I encourage you learn more about an abundant mindset. It will help you move from not enough time or energy to do the things you want to realizing what is possible when you think abundantly.

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