Tough spots and Sunsets…

We were travelling home from a softball game last night and saw a beautiful sunset.  Pictures don’t do sunsets justice.  You can not see the expanse of the sky or the amazing colors and hues.  Even more amazing are the changes that happen in real time right before your eyes as the earth turns and the sun reflects of different clouds and particles in the air.

Sunsets are the end of the daylight.  Not permanently the end of daylight, but they are the end of the day.  We always get a new sunrise to start the next day!  I connected the sunset last night and a passage I read today in a devotional by Max Lucado in his book called Grace for the Moment.  Max is a master of words and I enjoy this devotional book.


I started to think about how so often in life we forget to keep things in perspective.  We make our plans (which we need to do) and we have hopes (which we are blessed to have) and these things don’t always come out the way we plan.  What are we to do or think when things fall apart?  What about when a big plan we had for our life isn’t working out.

I am blessed with years.  I don’t feel old and to many people such as my father I am young.  Still I am blessed with experiences knowing that the things I am going through and have gone through are here for my good.  I can now look back at how a very intense and driven young man acted.  I acted as if time would pass me by and leave me and I pup up some really hard deadlines and expectations on myself.  Now today I take sunsets and the devotional above to tell me that time never leaves me as long as I am willing to learn and grow.

So if today you are going through a tough spot like our family of late… don’t try to rush through it.  Don’t try to ignore it either.  I encourage you to not singly only imagine a time when that tough spot is gone.  Instead grab hold of it and jump inside it.  See what makes it effect you like it does.  Learn about it and yourself.  See how you can learn from it.

God has plans for us that sometimes look like tough spots, but without them we could not become who we are meant to become.  You are being made for good things!  Find out how your tough spot can make a difference.


Next thoughts:  One thing the devotional is saying… God shared things with us in the Bible and He still speaks today through His Holy Spirit as well, so learn from your tough spots, but even better, learn from the tough spots people experienced in the Bible as well.

In my opinion it is far better to learn from other people’s tough spots instead of having to go through them yourself.

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